Airbrush Action Getaways 09

January 3rd, 2007

Make your artwork last forever

ANEST IWATA USA is proud to be participating as a sponsor of this years Airbrush Action Getaway’s.

Kustom painting Seminars are for all Skill Levels-novice to professionals. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned professional, spend five exciting, information-packed days learning from top professionals in one of the best airbrush seminars you’ll ever attend.

The gun of choice by the industries top kustom painters is Anest Iwata. Come and be a part of the traditional comradery and bonding that develops between students and staff at every Workshop.

To view more about the Airbrush Action Getaways check out there website and select workshops.

Once again, thanks to all who utilize and support ANEST IWATA products.

technically, A BETTER PRODUCT


IWF 2006 Recap

October 6th, 2006

IWF 2006 International Woodworking machinery and Furniture Supply Fair

IWF 2006 in Atlanta was a huge success for ANEST IWATA USA, Inc. We showcased many new products and unique technologies. The LPH100/200-LVP system for the application of NGR stains was very well received as a unique way to avoid the mottling commonly associated with these coatings. Our MSU series Air-Assisted Airless pumps and MSG/MSA Air-Assisted Airless guns gained a lot of attention from visitors to our booth. We also introduced our new Manifold Automatic Spray Guns in Air Spray, HVLP and Air Assisted Airless versions.

Feel free to contact us with any question you may have.
Thanks to all who utilize and support ANEST IWATA products.

technically, A BETTER PRODUCT


Cartridge Needle Packing Tech Tip

October 3rd, 2006

NEW CARTRIDGE NEEDLE PACKING ANEST IWATA Century Series Spray Guns install New Cartridge Needle Packing

Longer life
Self tensioning
Suitability for any type of solventborne and waterborne paint

Replacement Packing: Part# 93810620
Repair Service Kit: Part# 5650

How to install:

  • Make sure that there is no paint residue or dust on the threads and seat surface of Gun Body. Clean the Gun Body if needed.
  • Apply gun lube inside Cartridge Needle Packing.
  • Hand tighten the Cartridge Needle Packing on the Gun Body and insert Fluid Needle from Fluid Adj. Set. If it is difficult to insert the Fluid Needle into the Cartridge Needle Packing, twist the Fluid Needle during insertion.
  • Tighten the Cartridge Needle Packing 15-60 degrees (5-20 minutes) by using ANEST IWATA Gun Wrench.
  • Pull and release the Trigger couple times and make sure the Fluid Needle moves back and forth smoothly. If not, the Cartridge Needle Packing is too tight. Loosen it and repeat steps 3 to 5.


  • Do not tighten Cartridge Needle Packing too much. It causes paint to leak from the tip of the Fluid Nozzle or the Cartridge Needle Packing due to the fluid needle not returning to the closed position or Packing Seat breaking.Cartridge Needle Packing is supplied as set.
  •  Individual parts of Cartridge Needle Packing are not available separately.

technically, A BETTER PRODUCT


MSG200 and MSA200 – Air-Assisted Airless Multi-spray Guns

July 24th, 2006

Air-Assisted Airless Multi-spray Guns

The ANEST IWATA MSG200 Air-Assisted Multi-Spray Gun combines durable construction and premium finish quality with light weight and superior ergonomics. The MSG200 shares many features and benefits with other full size ANEST IWATA spray guns. They also share some common replacement parts. Users already familiar with ANEST IWATA Spray Equipment will have no trouble switching to our Air-Assisted guns.

The ANEST IWATA MSA200 Air-Assisted Multi-Spray Gun MSA200 Automatic Air-Assisted Multi-Spray Gun was designed from the ground up around the higher pressures associated with Air-Assisted spraying. Many other guns are a compromise between air spray design and air-assisted design. The result is a highly durable spray gun that will give your automatic processes repeatable and quality results.

On both guns the needle tip, nozzle and nozzle tip are constructed of tungsten carbide for long life. The nozzle tips are available in many orifice sizes and fan pattern widths. The MSG200 and the MSA200 both feature a truly adjustable fan pattern via the pattern adjustment knob. The air caps are treated with a buildup resistant coating that reduces down time and maintenance. A built in fluid filter also extends the life of the wetted parts by reducing the particulate matter passing through the guns.

ANEST IWATA Air-Assisted Airless Multi-Spray pump units are available in 13:1 or 17:1 ratios.

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

W400-LV Compliant Spray Gun

April 7th, 2006

W400-LV Approval

W400-LV Compliant Spray Gun
ANEST IWATA USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our W400-LV Compliant Spray Gun officially approved in specified locations and is subject to the conditions of the regional air quality agency.

The W400-LV spray gun sold and distributed within the jurisdiction of regional air quality district is subject to the local rule, including the following conditions:

ANEST IWATA AK-1B airflow control valve with air pressure gauge (Item #8130) shall be supplied with each W400-LV spray gun, and be properly attached to the spray gun and in good working condition

• Air inlet pressure supplied to the W400-LV spray gun shall be equal to or less than 20 psi.

Information about these approvals is available on our web site or call 1-800-440-0282 for details. You may also consult with the regional air quality agency in your jurisdiction.

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

CMT’s “Trick My Truck”

March 20th, 2006

ANEST IWATA USA would like to congratulate Varuna studios, The Chrome Shop Mafia and “RYNO”on a successful first season of Country Music Television’s series “Trick My Truck”.

To find out air times on the CMT Network please visit CMT’s website.

New Diaphragm and Air-Assisted Airless pumps!

September 6th, 2005

Special Introductory pricing and demo program available!

ANEST IWATA USA, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our new diaphragm and air-assisted airless pumps.

DPS90N is a stainless steel double diaphragm pump that is offered in 4 configurations (stand, pail, cart & wall mount). This new pump’s double acting design coupled with a four ball valve system assures consistent and pulsation free fluid delivery. You can use this pump with any pressure feed spray gun (or guns) and is an ideal replacement for messy pots.

MSU32N / MSU11N are stainless steel air-assisted airless pumps. Either of these pumps together with our MSG200 (hand operated) or MSA200 (automatic) air-assisted airless guns offer the finish quality of air spray with the speed and penetration of airless spray. The MSU32N is a 17:1 pump that delivers a maximum paint output of 0.93 gal/min at a maximum pressure of 1,660PSI. The MSU11N is a 13:1 pump that delivers a maximum of 0.50 gal/min at a maximum pressure of 1,270PSI. The MSU32N is offered in Cart or Wall mount. The MSU11N is offered in Stand, Cart and Wall mount.

Special Introductory pricing and demo programs are available to our Industrial customers.

This is a limited time offer!

For more information about these products,
please visit the painting equipment section of our website CLICK HERE.

For further details, please call us at 1-800-440-0282.

Metallic Control – LPH400-LVB

August 15th, 2005

HVLP spray gun with our Super Basecoat Air Cap

Our LPH400-LVB combines the LPH400 with LV Technology and our Super Basecoat Air Cap to obtain improved control on refinish paints that contain fine metallic and pearls that standard set-ups face difficulties with such as mottling, blotching, streaking, floating, etc.

Find out more information inside the LPH400-LVB page.

Air-assisted Airless Unit Sprays with Maximum Efficiency

May 30th, 2005

Increase productivity by delivering more material to the work surface

The 13:1 stainless steel MSU11N (air-assisted airless) multi spray system combines the advantages of air spray and airless spray to suit a wide range of applications.
The system is available in three different configurations;
Wall Mount, Cart Mount and Stand Mount.

The MSU11N greatly improves coating environment due to minimal overspray. Coating cabinet corners or recessed areas are made easy with excellent penetration.

Our 13:1 air-assisted airless system is an ideal coating system for low to medium viscosity material up to 300cp of viscosity while achieving higher productivity and delivering more material to the work surface.

Today’s Advanced Coating Materials Challenge Many Traditional HVLP Spray Guns

May 14th, 2005

It’s low-pressure with high atomization!

Today’s advanced coating materials challenge many traditional HVLP spray guns because of their atomization characteristics and high compressed air consumption. To continually offer coating solutions, ANEST IWATA developed LV (Low Volume) Technology featuring low air consumption coupled with superior atomization. LV spray nozzles utilize pre-atomization to create consistent paint particles combined with our tulip spray pattern allows today’s advanced coating materials to spray uniformly.

It’s low-pressure with high atomization!

ANEST IWATA continues to design solutions for today’s challenges.