Cartridge Needle Packing Tech Tip

October 3rd, 2006

NEW CARTRIDGE NEEDLE PACKING ANEST IWATA Century Series Spray Guns install New Cartridge Needle Packing

Longer life
Self tensioning
Suitability for any type of solventborne and waterborne paint

Replacement Packing: Part# 93810620
Repair Service Kit: Part# 5650

How to install:

  • Make sure that there is no paint residue or dust on the threads and seat surface of Gun Body. Clean the Gun Body if needed.
  • Apply gun lube inside Cartridge Needle Packing.
  • Hand tighten the Cartridge Needle Packing on the Gun Body and insert Fluid Needle from Fluid Adj. Set. If it is difficult to insert the Fluid Needle into the Cartridge Needle Packing, twist the Fluid Needle during insertion.
  • Tighten the Cartridge Needle Packing 15-60 degrees (5-20 minutes) by using ANEST IWATA Gun Wrench.
  • Pull and release the Trigger couple times and make sure the Fluid Needle moves back and forth smoothly. If not, the Cartridge Needle Packing is too tight. Loosen it and repeat steps 3 to 5.


  • Do not tighten Cartridge Needle Packing too much. It causes paint to leak from the tip of the Fluid Nozzle or the Cartridge Needle Packing due to the fluid needle not returning to the closed position or Packing Seat breaking.Cartridge Needle Packing is supplied as set.
  •  Individual parts of Cartridge Needle Packing are not available separately.

technically, A BETTER PRODUCT


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