HVLP and Compliant Spray Guns

March 12th, 2012

Spray Guns Listing HVLP and Compliant LETTER

ANEST IWATA USA, Inc. would like to confirm the following spray guns comply with EPA NESHAP 40 CFR, Part 63 Subpart HHHHHH HVLP and Compliant rule. The transfer efficiency of all listed guns is 65% per local air district mandates provided each particular gun is set-up by the user with the recommended inlet pressure and spray distances in each particular spray gun instruction manual. If you have discarded you instruction manual you download it from within our website.

Acronyms for ANEST IWATA spray guns:

LPH & LS is our acronyms for HVLP
W & WS is our acronyms for Conventional and Compliant

Qualifying Spray Guns:

LPHXXX HVLP manual guns:

LPH50, LPH80, LPH100 LVG, LPH101 LVG, LPH100 LVS, LPH101 LVS, LPH100 P, LPH101 P, LPH100 LVP, LPH200 P, LPH200 LVP, LPH300, LPH400 LV, LPH400 LVB, LPH400 LVX, LPH440, LS400, LS400H, AZ3HV2(AZ3HTE2 HVLP)

WXXX Compliant manual guns:


Since many customers have requested transfer efficiency data for our LPH400 and our W400LV spray gun’s, we are supplying a link to the EPA’s ETV program (Environmental Technology Verification Program) where this data can be downloaded.

Our EPA W400LV approval letter can be downloaded here: Compliant W400LV

Our Compliant W400LV testing report and statement can be downloaded here: Compliant W400LV

Our HVLP LPH400 testing report and statement can be downloaded here: HVLP LPH400

Once again, thanks to all who utilize and support ANEST IWATA products.


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