Japan Tragedy Update

March 15th, 2011

We would like to thank all who have contacted us and offered support and prayers for those affected by the tragic events in Japan. As the subsidiaries of our Japanese parent company, this horrible situation has affected us all quite deeply. As of today all of our employees and families in Japan are safe and moving forward in dealing with the aftermath.

The following is an update of the situation as it pertains to ANEST IWATA USA, Inc., ANEST IWATA Air Engineering, Inc. and its customers. Our factories have secured running water and basic necessities and are capable of production. However, our factories and all of Japan will still face many challenges ahead and one of them is electrical power supply. With trying to provide enough electrical power for search and rescue teams and critical hospital necessities, everyone in Japan is being asked to ration electricity and use minimal power. Another situation that affects us is transportation and logistics. Currently supply to and from factories is moving at a very slow pace. Our hope is that the situation will continue to improve in the weeks and months ahead.

Going forward, while certainly some situations out of our control may arise, please be assured that we will tirelessly strive to overcome those obstacles. We want to confirm that our commitment to our customers remains unchanged and we will continue to provide ANEST IWATA equipment with little interruption. Currently ANEST IWATA USA, Inc. and ANEST IWATA Air Engineering maintain healthy inventories and should have minimal problems supplying equipment.

We all greatly appreciate your understanding and support in getting through this difficult and challenging time and once again thank you for all the heartfelt concerns and worries for our families, friends and partners in Japan.


Satoru Iwata, President

Atsuo Shirai, President
ANEST IWATA Air Engineering, Inc.

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