Anest Iwata Announces Reintroduction of LPH300-LV at IWF 2014

August 18th, 2014

ATLANTA, GA –  IWF 2014, Anest Iwata USA, Inc. announced the reintroduction of the LPH300-LV spray gun. Discontinued in 2011, the LPH300 has been reintroduced due to increased demand for a flexible, multi-purpose spray gun for industrial applications.

The LPH300-LV was discontinued as an automotive spray gun in 2011 in favor of a larger bodied model. However, recent gains in the industrial market have identified the demand for a flexible, multi-purpose gun.

The LPH300-LV is a center post, gravity fed HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray gun. The lightweight, compact gun body is designed to reduce fatigue and promote comfort during extended use. Featuring patented Anest Iwata LV technology, the LPH300-LV provides superior atomization and reduced material use. The patented Anest Iwata LV nozzle provides better finish results with less overspray and less material waste; translating to reduced cost and increased profits.

In production environments, the LPH300-LV is perfect for small surface areas such as difficult to reach spaces. With minimal wear parts and stainless steel construction, the LPH300-LV is easy and cost effective to clean and maintain. Additionally, most Anest Iwata wear parts are universal allowing for quick, on the spot repairs that avoid down time and lost revenue.

The Anest Iwata LPH300-LV is Ideal for spraying topcoats, NGR stains, and industrial basecoats.

Visit Anest Iwata in booth #1707 at IWF 2014 or contact us at 513.755.3100 for more information.

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