Air Assisted Airless MSA 200 Anest Iwata

MSA200 Multi-spray Gun

The ANEST IWATA MSA200 Automatic Air-Assisted Multi-Spray Gun is a highly durable spray gun with tungsten carbide needle tip, nozzle and nozzle tip for long life. The nozzle tips are available in many orifice sizes and fan pattern widths (see table below). The MSA200 features a truly adjustable fan pattern via the side mounted controls. The air cap is treated with a buildup resistant coating that reduces down time and maintenance. A built in fluid filter also extends the life of the wetted parts by reducing the particulate matter passing through the gun. The MSA200 comes with push type swivel connections for the trigger and atomizing air for simple hook-up and maintenance.

MSU11 (13:1) Multi-Spray Pump

MSU32 (17:1) Multi-Spray Pump

Instruction Manual